Hi ! I’m a UX Designer and film maker based in Berlin.
For as long as I can remember, I have always seen the world through my prism of symbols and metaphors. I love the multi-dimensional aspect of film and the immense possibilities of universes that can be created. My research as a video artist is mostly directed around movement and body expression. Dance as an aesthetic conveys ideas, thoughts, and sometimes unspeakable feelings.
When I arrived in Berlin, I redefined my visual identity as a freelancer. I directed several experimental artistic films, collaborated with performers (musicians, dancers, circus), as well as audiovisual services at Berlinale for the french distribution company Epicentre Films. Currently, I work mainly in collaboration with choreographers and dancers. Body expression has always taken an important place in my video universe.
I have a passion for storytelling. In my films as in my life, I aim to create meaning. This is what led me to study cultural mediation and communication, where I discovered human sciences (sociology, psychology, anthropology), and the sciences of language. 
These studies taught me how to connect people with artistic work and participate in creating meaning. This involves empathizing with the different types of audiences, understanding and providing them with the tools to appropriate and experience the piece of art. 
The same principles apply for user experience, which aims to first understand the users, their needs and pain points, and provide them with the most relevant designs solutions. 
This is what motivated my career change.
Now I want to put my sense of empathy and conceptual skill into designing intuitive and pleasing digital products that enhance the user experience. I want to work in a dynamic and innovative agency, which applies its creativity to art, science or to the common good.

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